Kantapon Metheekul graduated from the school of arts at Silpakorn University in Bangkok. Shortly thereafter, Gonkarn moved to New York where he spent 3 years working in creative departments of advertising agencies. In his spare time, he created street art and illustrations centred on the idea of him being transported through time and space to his homeland. His work, which he named “Teleport Art”, gained notoriety in the New York street art scene.

Living in New York, he witnessed everyday life in the material world: people striving for a better life, gender and equality. The hope in an ultimate utopia being found by the subject of his art being found through a black hole.

Gonkan’s art incorporates unique symbols; black space, black circle, subtly implied or overlaid in his work. In his drawings of US president Donald Trump and the leader of the Democratic People’s republic of Korea (North Korea) Kim Jong-Un, the pair are teleported to a newly found dimension, kissing each other, despite a stark difference in ideology between the two nations.

Gongkan works in various media and materials: sculptures, paintings, street art, paint, fiberglass, metal… and even icecream. His work has been shown around the world, in New York, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, and Bangkok, to name but a few.